Tuesday, May 17, 2016

choose joy

This is the second of several installments working off of a feeling prompt. Today's feeling: alegría.

I love to say the word alegría. The way the liquid l sound gives way to a hard g, only to flutter away in a quick r-í-a. It's a beautiful word. The closest approximation of alegría that I know of is the Italian word allegro, used in music to denote a quick, happy pace. Maybe that's what sets alegría apart. It's joy and happiness, for sure, but set to a lively, vibrant tempo.

I feel algría when I'm with my husband. We like to visit new places and just sort of wander around. I love the freedom of it all. I love that we have no plan. I love that we stop when we want to, and then start up again. We eat what we want to (in part because we know we will walk it off), and find pleasure in everything. We talk about where we are. Sometimes we talk about who we are. We recite our history. We remember how we fell in love, holding hands as we run for the next train.

And we fall in love again.

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