Thursday, October 29, 2009

tis the season

... to get crafty.

I'm a great lover of the fancy papers. Don't even get me started on Modge Podge. (It is to paper crafts what the trick deck is to magic.) And adhesive bling? Well. What girl's life is complete without a little of that happiness?

This year's first craft of the season: Kaisercraft's DIY Advent Calendar.

It took me several searches to track down a vendor, but the search was well worth the investment of time. The kit includes the frame, drawers, and numbers. (These come unpainted and unassembled, but not to worry. They are not difficult to piece together, and the finished product is quite sturdy.)

To decorate the drawers, I combined scraps from my rather copious supply with a few sheets of seasonal paper, modge podging the heck of it when I finished. I glammed up the numbers with an outrageously overpriced glitter kit purchased at Michael's with a 45% off coupon. (I never pay full price for anything over $4 at that store.)

My 'Oh, duh' moment came when I realized that I could get the perfect half-circle opening by using my 1" circular punch (which I also used to cut contrasting details for several of my drawer faces).

Other useful tools/supplies: paper cutter, random embellishments (I got mine for less than a buck at Target), craft paint, sand paper (for assembly and distressing), rubber mallet (for assembly), clear tape, scissors, Modge Podge, several foam brushes, self-adhering cork, and a bold writing instrument (for outlining and occasional lettering). I still need to make some coordinating tacks for the cork board. I'm going to glue pastel buttons to cheap, silver tacks and use them to mount a card, message, or family picture.

The thing I love most about this and other similar kits is their versatility. Though designed as an advent calendar, this kit could just as easily be decorated as a girl's trinket keeper, perhaps fitted with a small mirror.

I know. How cute would that be?

Hmmm... Thinks She's GT's birthday is in February...

I think we have a winner.


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

LOVE that advent calendar.

The Domestic Flunky said...

Me, too! I'm giving this one to a friend as a house warming gift! I wanted to make one for my mom and grandmothers, but most of the vendors have already sold out their inventory, so I ordered 3 of a similar kit (the one shown in the link) to make for them!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It's funny. I love advent calendars yet I don't even own one. We should craft together some time...

Lise said...

Looks like your vendor is no longer carrying this product. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this project and am searching for a place to buy it but I guess I am a year late as usual :)